Neil McGilvray’s “The Cow” – P10,000

Welcome to my new rocket blog! I’ll post more on the Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association (MDRA)’s Red Glare VI, but for now I wanted to go ahead and post a video from the launch. Neil McGilvray made the fifth flight of his massive rocket, “The Cow.” Weighing in at somewhere over 400 lbs, the Cow boosted on a single P10,000 motor. Two words: holy cow.


4 responses to “Neil McGilvray’s “The Cow” – P10,000

  1. Victoria McSwain

    That was an awsome flight! Congrats, Neil! I know just how much time you spent working on it,.. and left nothing to chance…that’s the way to do it. BTW, the real name of the cow rocket is “Udder Madness”. Thanks for the blog and video!

  2. Nice blog here…

    The idea of a P motor only going a few thousand feet is pretty shocking! 🙂

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