Packing for the best launch of the year

Over the Fourth of July weekend, there will be two types of rocketeers in America: those at LDRS (Large and Dangerous Rocket Skips) 28 in Potter, NY, and those who wish they were there.

My rockets will be small to medium-size for that launch, but it’s still nice to fly something! I’m putting the final touches on my new 4″ diameter Public Missiles Ltd. Endeavor kit – the last coat of primer is nearly dry and the first paint will go on tonight.

With the Endeavor drying outside, I decided to sort through my rocket boxes and figure out what to take to LDRS. Pictured below: my heavily-reinforced 2.6″ Sandhawk (think J570), some reloads (H123W, H148R, I218R, I211W, J350W), 54-38mm and 38-29mm adapters, my Aerotech reload casings (1 24mm, 3 29mm, and 4 38 mm), and the piston and electronics bay from the Endeavor.


I’m getting excited!


3 responses to “Packing for the best launch of the year

  1. Glad you’ll be there. Tomorrow I’m getting the UHAUL to load up some stuff. Gonna be a fun time there.

  2. Oh man. That’s how you know you have a rocket problem – when you need a U-Haul to carry your stuff. I’ll be looking for the Black 5 at the launch!

  3. parking spot A68, be sure and stop by!

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