Perfect weather, perfect flight

I went out to the eastern shore of Maryland today for the Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association’s monthly launch, and what a day! The weather was absolutely gorgeous – sunny and up to the mid 70s, not a cloud in the sky, and hardly a whisper of wind the whole day.

After two flights on I motors this summer, my Lunch Money was ready for its first J. I built a J350 last night and thought I had everything ready to go. Unfortunately at the launch I discovered the threaded inserts for my motor retention had both pushed through the rear centering ring. I needed a motor retention solution – not feeling too comfortable with friction-fit only flying a J motor with an adapter – but luckily Ken of Performance Hobbies was on hand to provide some retention hardware. After some drilling, screwing, friction-fitting, and other tomfoolery, I was finally ready to fly:


This was my friend Erin’s first rocket launch – she enthusiastically helped get Lunch Money on the launch pad and later flew her own rocket. Maybe she’ll get hooked on rocketry too!?


Liftoff on a J350 – fast and straight:



My housemate Liz came out to the launch along with our friends Alisha and Kristina – first time at a rocket launch for all. They bravely delved into MDRA’s handy rocket bucket to find rockets to fly. Participation makes rocketry so much more fun!



Erin and friends flew bucket rockets too:



And yeah – I think everyone had fun:


One response to “Perfect weather, perfect flight

  1. Looks like it was a great time on Sunday. I was there on Saturday.

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