Red Glare VII

Last weekend’s Red Glare VII was pretty great, if not as great as Red Glare VI back in April. While Friday and Saturday at MDRA’s biannual regional launch were washouts (I didn’t go), Sunday was absolutely gorgeous. While I had planned to fly my 2.6″ Sandhawk on an I and Lunch Money on a J, I didn’t get the needed repairs done in time, so I decided to just enjoy the launch.

There were a number of large flights (M’s and N’s), of course. Ben Ullman’s N motor experimental flight lost its upper section and chutes on the way up while the motor and fin can kept going up and up, and then it came down. It whistled coming back in and lawn-darted about 50 yards out from the right side of the flight line. Ouch.

The much-touted Paul Robinson memorial sparky motor drag race was pretty cool, with a rack full of H-K flights going off simultaneously. Two M flights on the away cell should have gone at the same time but didn’t due to operator error (oops). But no worries – two M flights drag racing are pretty sweet without the distraction of pesky little K flights.

Pictures below include a remote control plane with an onboard HD video camera (they were hoping to catch the sparky drag race from the air but had problems getting it pointed in the right direction), the sparky drag race itself, a nice flight from the away cells on an M or N (possibly a Redline?), Alex helping repair a broken fence on my friend Erin’s first rocket, and Erin with Oh Frabcious Day, which flew successfully on a C6-5! And the final photo is of the lovely sunset that closed the day.


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