Expanding my motor suite

So many casings, so little time. Or rather, so little money. I bought a used (why would you ever buy new?) 38/600 casing from Ken at Performance Hobbies at Red Glare, so now I have the collection above: 24/40 and 29/40-120 mid power casings, 29/180-240 casings, and 38/240-720 casings.

I’m excited to fly a lot of 29 and 38mm loads this spring and summer, and maybe start moving into 54mm territory. Lunch Money can (I hope) handle a K185, and the 3″ rocket I’m building from the parts that survived the crash of my second USLI rocket should be able to fly on full K’s. Fun! However, I’m not sure I’ll stick with Aerotech when moving up to 54’s – the price differences get more substantial, and I’d like to be able to fly both sparky and long-burn loads with the same harware.

Any suggestions for what 54mm system to upgrade to?


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