Welcome to my rocket blog! My name’s Brett Keller, and I’ve been flying rockets for about fifteen years. I started with Estes rockets when I was in 5th grade and the rockets have just kept getting bigger. In junior high and early in high school I got interested in mid-power and then high-power rocketry, culminating in a trip to Large and Dangerous Rocket Ships (LDRS) in Argonia, Kansas in 1999.

I took a few years mostly off from hobby rocketry, until my last two years of college, which happened to correspond with the first two years of NASA’s University Student Launch Initiative. I led Harding University’s team to not-so-stellar flights for two years, as well as got my L1 and L2 certifications. I graduated in May 2008 and moved to Washington, DC, where I now have several amazing rocket clubs within driving distance.

I hope this blog is interesting and informative for rocketeers and spectators alike–feel free to drop me a line at keller.brett [at] gmail.com or say hi if you see me at a local launch. I hope to offer relatively regular posts here, but I’m more likely to have material to post on when actually building a rocket or going to launches.

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