Sunday at LDRS

One word: Wow. The winds went away. The clouds went away. And the rocketeers brought the big stuff, loading up all the large projects they’d been saving for better weather. Here are some pictures I took (you might have already seen these on Rocketry Planet too), starting off with the Wildman drag race – seven rockets on one L and six M’s.








Best. Raffle Prize. Ever.


$10 worth of raffle tickets. Three prizes (so far) including a $225 retail value altimeter/accelerometer/timer from Over the Top Rocketry. I’m really excited – more coming soon.

Live from LDRS

I’m fielding some photos and stories for Rocketry Planet during LDRS 28 – check out the first (and slightly disappointing) report here.

You can also follow LDRS Twitter updates from me and other rocketeers through this search:

“Lunch Money” – Build Post #2

I need to take another picture in better light, but this conveys the general color scheme I chose for Lunch Money’s first paint job:


After flying it a few times at LDRS it may need new paint anyway, so then I’ll go back and have time to actually fill in all the little holes, sand it a lot more, and make it a work of art. For now, this will do.

“Lunch Money” – Build Post #1

My 4″ diameter Public Missiles Limited (PML) Endeavor kit “Lunch Money” is almost ready to fly at LDRS 28. Here are some pictures of the construction from a few months back – more coming soon!





Packing for the best launch of the year

Over the Fourth of July weekend, there will be two types of rocketeers in America: those at LDRS (Large and Dangerous Rocket Skips) 28 in Potter, NY, and those who wish they were there.

My rockets will be small to medium-size for that launch, but it’s still nice to fly something! I’m putting the final touches on my new 4″ diameter Public Missiles Ltd. Endeavor kit – the last coat of primer is nearly dry and the first paint will go on tonight.

With the Endeavor drying outside, I decided to sort through my rocket boxes and figure out what to take to LDRS. Pictured below: my heavily-reinforced 2.6″ Sandhawk (think J570), some reloads (H123W, H148R, I218R, I211W, J350W), 54-38mm and 38-29mm adapters, my Aerotech reload casings (1 24mm, 3 29mm, and 4 38 mm), and the piston and electronics bay from the Endeavor.


I’m getting excited!

Steve Eves’ Saturn V – More Video

Update: Rocketry Planet just posted the best video yet:

The rocketeers of YouTube are up to the challenge – check out the new videos that are up:

h/t DRD