An archive of rocketry projects, past, present, and future… links coming soon:

4.0″ diameter Public Missiles Limited Endeavor kit, complete with Quantum Tube, 54mm motor mount, fiberglassed fin joints, and dual deployment electronics bay – my goal is to fly it on a K185 with dual deployment at LDRS 2009 in Potter, NY.
Status: under construction
Build Post #1
Build Post #2

Cheaper Than a Girlfriend
A fat, ugly, and cheap (yet oddly endearing) stalwart of my rocket fleet. First built and flown when I was 15 and discovered Aerotech G80 motors, crashed at LDRS in 1999, and then upgraded, extended, and modified for my Level 2 flight on a J350.
Status: flyable

Having already flown several H motors while underage (with supervision, of course) I wanted to build something nice and reliable for my Level 1. The 2.6″ Sandhawk got me the cert on an Aerotech H Redline reload, but the carbon fiber and fiberglass reinforcement mean that it will eventually meet a J570.
Status: flyable

Arkansas Skeeter
An upscale of the Estes Mosquito that can take 3 18mm motors.
Status: flyable

NASA University Student Launch Initiative 2008
What do you get when you mix a beautiful rocket, a fancy electronics bay, an onboard spectrometer, a K hybrid, and too little flight testing? Well, let’s just say part of the rocket are still embedded in the Alabama red clay near Marshall Space Flight Center.
Status: deceased

NASA University Student Launch Initiative 2007
The first year of competition for NASA’s systems engineering competition for colleges, and we thought we’d take our hybrid rocket spectroscopy research airborne. The rocket flew and was recovered successfully, but some procedural snafus with the Army led to a bunch of our nitrous venting before we could get her to launch, so it only reached 1100 feet.
Status: retired